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Wrist-EZE Hoes

Just what the doctor ordered for reducing hand and wrist fatigue while gardening.  The secret is the exclusive WRIST-EZE Leather Strap.   Place your hand on the handle and wrap the Leather Strap over your forearm.   When you begin digging the Strap transfers the force to the larger, more powerful arm muscles, thus reducing hand and wrist strain and increasing your digging power.

Glide & Groom   Model #333
bullet Push-pull gliding action cuts weeds below the surface without disturbing soil.
bullet 4 Machine sharpened blades; smaller head design for precision weeding and cultivating.
bullet Light weight, perfectly balanced.

Order this item $29.95

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V-Shaped Hoe   Model #360
bullet Unique blade design allows easy penetration into hard soil.
bullet Narrow blade permits precision cultivating.
bullet Light weight, with perfect balance.

Order this item $29.95

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Flow-Thru Hoe   Model #370
bullet Sharpened blade cuts easily into hard soil.
bullet Flow holes reduce soil resistance and pulverize the soil.
bullet Curved neck holds blade at comfortable working angle.

Order this item $29.95

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WRIST-EZE makes precision weeding and cultivating much easier and less tiring for everyone.  WRIST-EZE is especially suitable for senior gardeners or those with arthritic wrists and hands.
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